About Us


Azure Shine means satellite antenna.

Established in 1988, started by only 5 people,over 30 years, Azure Shine grew up from a little company to a world famous enterprise. Approved by GVF, RoHS and Eutelsat, we walk alongside with our customers on the leading edge in this field.
Azure Shine produces almost all kinds of DTH and VSATsatellite antennas. With the capacity of 1 million sets per month, we sell our products all over the world. Asia, Europe, America and Africa, it’s not overstating to say that where you can see the sky you can find an antenna marked Azure Shine. As our unique technology in manufacturing antennas progressing these years, we acquired patents from many countries and keep providing high quality products while in competitive prices.



Bussness Philosophy

For many years, Azure Shine concentrated on providing our customers better solutions in satellite antenna field and improving people’s lives by supplying creativeand effective products. We insist that our customers deserve the best quality, therefore we insist stay in Taiwan. While other companies moved there factories to China to pursue lower labor fee and larger profit, we are proud to say that all our products are Made In Taiwan. 



With our own R&Ddepartment and our own laboratory, Azure Shine continues inventing newtechnology in satellite antenna field. We contribute ourselves in optical andsurface accuracy in antennas to maintain the best signal receiving. Besides, allour products passed the wind-tunnel test, salt spray test and other stricttests if required, because we believe that accuracy and quality are the bestassurance of performance.



OurR&D department is continually striving to develop the innovative products,most advanced and economical new products for our satellite communicationscustomers. Our goal is to provide the best quality products at the mostcompetitive prices and maintain a leading role in the market. Together, AzureShine ensures that we are the supplier that the companies around the world relyon and to deliver the best satellite solutions, creating a win-win solutionbetween customer and Azure.