About Us


Azure Shine, established in 1988, is a leading global satellite antenna manufacturer and researcher, providing quality products worldwide to broadcast telecom, corporate, and government customers. For over 30 years, Azure Shine's team of dedicated engineers works with satellite communications customers and partners to develop and manufacture highly efficient, reliable, and cost-effective products.

As a pioneer in VSAT antenna development, our products are Eutelsat certified and meet the Intelsat Type Approval Standards. Moreover, all our products are wind resistance tested by the Department of Aerodynamics (ARSD) at the Chung-Shan Institute of Technology, Taiwan. These tests are recognized by CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organizations).

With technologies changing satellite communications market around the world, our team strives to explore boundaries and innovate new products to anticipate and meet customer needs. We believe that building a customer-centric mindset and creating an innovative culture contribute to our success as a leading supplier in the industry. 


As a global satellite antenna manufacturer, we recognize the complexities of offering high quality products and services in different world markets. While our R&D Department produces advanced and cost-efficient satellite antenna products for our international clientele, our Sales & Customer Service Team continues to form lasting, trust-based relationships with customers through understanding their objectives and providing them with products to connect the world using satellite technology.


Our global reputation for business integrity, commitments to customers, and technological innovation are an enduring part of who we are as a leading satellite antenna manufacturer. We are focused on attracting and developing talents who share our passion for satellite technology, aspiration for global market expansions and commitment for delivering exceptional client services.


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